The Concise Australian Dog Judge’s Guide – 4th Edition

The Concise Australian Dog Judge’s Guide – 4th Edition


This edition encompasses every breed eligible for exhibition in Australia among those 35 new breeds not covered in the first issue.
Presented in an easy to read format, in group order, each page contains a photo, the General Appearance description, the key points, including breed hallmarks, as well as size and colour.
This handy guide will prove invaluable for any discerning Australian judge wanting to refresh their memory on breeds before an assignment, a must read for any trainee judge eager to learn and a useful guide for overseas judges visiting Australia.
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” I have been judging dogs since the late 1980’s and have long wanted to produce a book like this, where the information you require before an assignment is easily found and digested.

It has been a labour of love, taking many months to condense what in some cases were 5 or 6 A4 pages down to one page in this book, so I have certainly learnt the meaning of the word “concise”!
Along with the general appearance, key points, size and colour of each breed you will find a photograph, some from our archives at Dog News and many from the late Michael Trafford. The balance of photographs is from supporters who shared our enthusiasm for the concept of this book and chose to sponsor their breed page.
It was important to include the general appearance of each breed in the book. Many of those are excellent and give you a good understanding of the breed.
I have included the eyes and ears in the key points, as the combination of these two goes a long way to making up the all-important expression in most breeds.
If the mouth is not mentioned, then you can assume it is a normal scissor bite.
I have tried where possible to include all the breed hallmarks mentioned in the various standards among the key points.”

– John Bryson